Announcing the 2007 Student Orientation Leaders

The Orientation Committee Chair, Victoria Garwood, has announced our 2007 Student Orientation Leaders:

Cristina Acevez, Jose Almonte, Frank Angelone, Bradley Baldwin, Charity Bartko, Ashley Brooks, Katelyn Camic, Melissa Conley, Dawn Culley, Chris Curtis, Nicklas Gallo, Jassum Gloster, Adam Howells, Chaz Hurlbut, Ashley Kowalski, Linda Mason, Shayne Mattich, Rachel Mihal, Antony Palocaren, Preston Queenan, Jessica Rybar, Lindsey Santora, Laraya Taileur, Michael Wancheck, Marcus Waters, and Theodore Werner.

Our Orientation Leaders are very enthusiastic and have suggested a number of great ideas we hope to implement in this year's orientation. Throughout the summer, they will work with the Orientation Committee on the Communications and Logistics, Activity Planning, FTCAP, and Spirit Teams. Orientation activities begin with our First Year Student Arrivals on Friday and Saturday, August 24 and 25, 2007.

A very special thank you to Dr. Delia Conti, Associate Professor of Communication Arts & Sciences, and Ms. Erin O'Malley, Assistant Coordinator, Resident Life/Student Activities Coordinator, for interviewing the orientation leader candidates, nominated by the faculty and staff.