McKeesport Campus to Get New Name: Penn State Allegheny

Penn State's presence in the Pittsburgh suburb of McKeesport will be taking on a new name: Penn State Allegheny.

Approved September 15 by the University's Board of Trustees, the name change is intended to support the campus' regional presence, facilitate an expanded vision and evolving mission for the campus and raise general awareness of the campus.

The new moniker also is expected to give a sense of ownership to campus alumni and Penn Staters living in Allegheny County, and reinforce the campus' position as the only Penn State location in the county. More than 22,000 Penn State alumni live in Allegheny County -- the largest concentration of alumni residing in any one county in the nation -- and approximately 4,000 Penn State students hail from the county.

"The mission of this campus has evolved," said Penn State President Graham B. Spanier. "Although never limited to serving the city of McKeesport, the campus is now involved much more in the Pittsburgh region and in Allegheny County. Students arrive from all nearby boroughs and cities, from throughout the commonwealth and the nation, and increasingly, internationally. 

The change in name would more readily describe the region served, more accurately reflect the 21st century mission of the campus and more precisely identify a significant Penn State asset in this region."

Penn State McKeesport, founded at its current location in 1957, offers baccalaureate degrees in six disciplines, and provides the first two years of instruction for more than 160 academic programs at the University. It also offers associate degrees in six areas as well as several certificate programs.

Before reaching the University's Board of Trustees for consideration, the proposal for the new name was approved by the McKeesport Faculty Senate, the McKeesport Advisory Board, the McKeesport Alumni Society, students and the campus chancellor.

As there are many details to work out regarding the changeover, a firm date has not been set yet.