Spring 2013 Student Research Conference Winners

Penn State Greater Allegheny students highlighted their research projects at the campus Student Research Conference on Thursday, April 11, 2013.

Projects representing business, engineering, English, humanities, math, psychology, science and sociology were displayed. Some of the projects displayed related to Teaching International?s 2012-2013 focus on the Celtic Nations and water, while others highlighted sustainability. Many honor students? presentations were the results of their independent research.

Best submission winners were determined by votes from the campus community. 

The winning entries are listed below.

Teaching the Celtic Nations

1st Place Tie? ?Vengeance: The Vicious Circle? (CMLIT 143)

Ambre Vailes-Macarie


1st Place Tie ? ??The Magdalenes?: The Magdalene Laundries in Ireland? (CMLIT 143U)

Tiara DeLaVega




1st Place Tie ? ?The Fetch with an Effect: The Impact of Water on Kenyan Women? (SOC 110)

Tiara DeLaVega


1st Place Tie ? ?Malaria and Water Quality? (BMB 001)

Kayla Franklin


2nd Place ? ?Responsibility Without Respect: Tanzanian Women Farmers? (SOC 110)

Ambre Vailes-Macarie




1st Place ? ?Making Soap from Glycerol Byproduct? (Biodiesel)

Mathew Shaw, Marc Shively


2nd Place Tie ? ?Dynamic Landscape? (Photo 100)

Yu Wang


2nd Place Tie ? ?Integrating Even Further? (Math 141H)

Zhe Ji




1st Place ? ?A Case Study Article of the PSUGA Biodiesel Production Lab? (ENGR 296H)

Matthew Shaw, Marc Shively


2nd Place ? ?Saving the World ? one task-related behavior at a time? (Psych 301W)

Jay Amin, Victoria Benedetto, India Brown, Kelsey Byers, Krista Byers, Sharlon Cobb, Amanda Davis, Sarah Davis, Kelly Donohue, Aleksandra Evstiounina, Laurie Ferraton, Cheryl Fonner, Kelli Hall, Deziree Holyfield, Zachary Kaczynski, Dominique Knight, John Kobulnicky, Michael Mattis, Camille Mickle, Michael Monezis, Nicole Perry, Sandra Reynolds, Mary Scipione, Steven Scott, Samantha Segiel, Erika Vasques, Lisa Weigand, & Brad Zimmerman