Meet Greater Allegheny’s BeGREATER THON team.

Students standing in front of Penn State Flag
Credit: Raeann Sleith

McKEESPORT, Pa. –  The biggest student-run philanthropy event -- THON --  is happening this weekend at the University Park campus of Penn State. Since 1977, Penn State’s THON event has donated more than $157 million to the Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Health Children’s Hospital. 

Greater Allegheny is sending two dancers to the marathon event and over 15 supporters; to raise money for pediatric cancer. 

Stephanie Katofsky, a sophomore in management and dual-majoring in economics, is one of the campus’s BEGREATER dancers. 

“I am very excited about this weekend,” said Katofsky. “I have been involved with Four Diamonds since high school, and started mini THON events at local schools around Pittsburgh.” 

Katofsky will be joined on the dance floor by Shawn Dainty. Dainty, a sophomore in hospitality management, who is no stranger to THON, participated last year as a moraler, and is excited to move down to the dance floor. 

The Greater Allegheny Campus sends our support to our BE GREATER THON team. 


Raeann Sleith (president)
Stephany Katofsky (dancer)
Shawn Dainty (dancer)
Katie Chuahong
Tyler Barry
Wyatt Thomas
Katelyn Dougherty
Jerrod Anthony
George Graybill
Christa Koons
Dj Impavido
Genesis Krause
Jess Beckwith
Jesse Vargo
Jordan Clark
Juliana Brill
Kori Devaughn
Megan Trunk