Ways To Pay What Is Owed

To bridge the gap between awarded financial aid and the University bill, three interchangeable options are listed below. They can be used in many combinations to attain the needed funds.


PLUS Loan (Federal Parent Loan)

You may need funds in addition to your student's Federal Direct Loans to pay for your student's education. The Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan is available to parents of dependent undergraduate students.

PSU Web Page - https://studentaid.psu.edu/types-of-aid/loans/parent-PLUS

How To Apply - https://studentaid.psu.edu/types-of-aid/loans/parent-PLUS/apply


Private Alternative Loans

Private alternative loans are managed through private lenders, issued in the student’s name, and require a cosigner. Eligibility, rates, terms, and conditions vary. 

PSU Web Page - https://studentaid.psu.edu/types-of-aid/loans/private-alternative

How To Apply -  https://studentaid.psu.edu/types-of-aid/loans/private-alternative/apply

Lenders List - http://www.elmselect.com/?schoolId=538#/results


PSU Payment Plans 

Available through the Bursar’s Office - http://www.bursar.psu.edu/payplans.cfm

Sign up in LionPATH - Enrolling in an Installment Payment Plan (Doc)