Gaining Real World Experiences While Helping Non-profits Grow

During the Spring 2021 semester, students from Rosemary Martinelli’s COMM 471 class and contributors to Be Greater Creative, the student run marketing and public relations agency, worked with the National Museum of Broadcasting (NMB) and presented recommendations on how the non-profit could continue to honor the legacy of broadcasting and electronic media and its origins in Pittsburgh.  When Penn State Greater Allegheny partners with a non-profit, it's not a one and done experience, and Martinelli continues to connect the campus community with NMB.  

Last fall, the NMB Board of Directors, along with The Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission, PA Senator Jay Costa, (D) 43rd District, and community leaders from East Pittsburgh and the Mon Valley announced plans to build an historic museum to broadcasting and electronic media, saluting the origins of broadcasting in Pittsburgh, and housing written materials photographs, recordings, and media artifacts. The group also has the actual Pittsburgh garage where amateur radio operator, Frank Conrad, a Westinghouse engineer, built the radio transmitter that inspired the birth of commercial radio.  Currently, Greater Allegheny personnel are sharing storage cabinets in which NMB can place the holdings until the museum's completion.  

In addition to the historic museum, the NMB Board of Directors presented a long-term plan that will help to revitalize the Turtle Creek Valley and its legacy of manufacturing and innovation through tourism, economic development and the museum’s educational programming.  

Martinelli, a lecturer in business and communications at Penn State Greater Allegheny and faculty adviser to the student newspaper the GA-Zette serves on the Board of Directors of NMB and helped to make the connection for Greater Allegheny students to work with NMB.  That project is just one example of Martinelli’s efforts and commitment to providing students practical experiences they can share with future employers.  To learn more about Be Greater Creative visit the agency’s webpage.

(Banner Imagery by Alisha Tarver, Class of 2021)