Course Cancellation Policy and Procedure & Form (Non-weather related)

Faculty must meet all classes as officially scheduled and arrive on time for all classes. Illness is usually the only reason for a last-minute cancellation. If you must cancel or postpone a class because of illness or other crisis for which you did not have lead time, tell the appropriate contact person in your unit so that your students can be informed.

  • Faculty members who must miss a class for any reason must seek prior approval from the Chancellor/Chief Academic Officer by completing this form. Cancellations incorporated into syllabi must also be approved by the Chancellor/Chief Academic Officer prior to the cancellation date.
  • All arrangements must be communicated to the staff assistants insufficient time to make plans to cope with any potential problems.
  • In case of emergency, notification should be made to the Chancellor/Chief Academic Officer, Administrative Assistant or other staff member and all students. Please call Connie Surman (412-675-9052).
  • Responsibility for notifying students of class cancellation rests with the faculty.

If bad weather requires the campus to cancel classes, the radio and television stations will be informed and notices will be published on the website and social media.

Faculty members may not terminate a class before the scheduled end of the semester, cancel classes before or after holidays or semester breaks (even though students may request it), or move the regular time and place of the course as listed in the class schedule, without the consent of the Chancellor/Chief Academic Officer.

Course Cancellation Request Form 

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Contact Information
Course Information
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Must contain classroom number and building name.
Must contain start and end time
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