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Campus prepares for incoming students

Summer is just beginning, but the Penn State Greater Allegheny campus is gearing up for the fall 2017 semester.  The first New Student Orientation (NSO) sessions were held on May 26 and June 7.

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Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer Jackie Edmondson welcomes students to New Student Orientation.

Credit: Penn State

The goal of NSO is to get new students acquainted with academic programs before classes begin.  Incoming students will meet current students, faculty, and staff; become familiar with the campus; and attend an academic advising session to choose their fall courses. 

“New students can easily get overwhelmed during their first few weeks of college.  At orientation, we try to get new students connected to the campus quickly, so that they feel more comfortable when classes begin,” said April Belback, Division of Undergraduate Studies Coordinator. 

Additional NSO sessions will be held June 13, and 29, and July 12, and 27.

woman helping student at computer

Campus Regstrar Larissa Ciuca, far right, helps a student as they register for classes at Penn State Greater Allegheny.

Credit: Penn State