What's In It For Me?

Develop a Blueprint for Equity or Preserve Systems of Inequity

Presented by: Siobhan Brooks, Learning Center Director, Erin Morton, Regional HR Strategic Partner and Marcus Roberson, Student Success Coach

Which Career Readiness NACE Competencies does your presentation cover?

Equity and Inclusion

Goals of this session:

  1. Actively contribute to inclusive and equitable practices that influence individual and systemic change
  2. Make decisions and solve problems using sound, inclusive reasoning and judgement
  3. Gather and analyze information from a diverse set of sources and individuals to fully understand a problem
  4. Advocate for inclusion, equitable practices, justice, and empowerment for historically marginalized communities
  5. Effectively communicate actions and rationale, recognizing the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of stakeholders.

What will the audience walk away with?

A checklist of culturally responsive practices. A better understanding of culturally responsive teaching/pedagogy tools. Methods to respond to discrepancies in diverse students' educational opportunities. An understanding of how social justice as an educational tool attempts to address long-entrenched organizational, institutional, and/or social conditions and the widespread inequities based on race, culture, class, and gender that characterize the educational system. An appreciation of our role as educational professionals, and knowledge that we are instrumental in remedying the problem of “repetition;” that is, when “educational practices, perspectives, social relations and identities remain unquestioned” (Kumashiro, p. 68)