What's In It For Me?

NACE Competencies and Best Practices for Faculty/Staff to Infuse Career Readiness into Daily Lessons

Presented by: Sarah Krupp, Western Region Employer Engagement Specialist, Penn State

Which Career Readiness NACE Competencies does your presentation cover?

All eight Career Readiness NACE Competencies will be referenced during this session

Goals of this session:

  1. Review the eight Career Readiness NACE Competencies
  2. Discuss and share what employers are seeking in new hires - feedback from some employers we work with and anecdotally
  3. How employers would like to engage with students and faculty and how employers and faculty can partner to support students to become career ready
  4. How faculty can help students translate what they are learning in the classroom to the competencies
  5. Examples of what's worked well in faculty/industry collaborations - at Penn State Greater Allegheny and system wide; and opportunity for the audience to share best practices and suggestions for collaborations
  6. Upcoming events at Penn State Greater Allegheny and across Penn State - what can they encourage (or require) students to attend to work on building competencies
  7. Resources available both at Penn State Greater Allegheny and across Penn State

What will the audience walk away with?

An understanding of my [Sarah] role and how I support Greater Allegheny and our western region campuses Career Services and how we can partner in collaborating with industry and recruiters in a variety of ways. The variety of resources offered on campus and at Penn State and how to become a Career Champion.

  • Ideas for engagement
  • Ideas for supporting industry and Career Services efforts
  • An understanding of the eight Career Readiness NACE Competencies and how faculty can assist students in translating the skills learned in the classroom to competencies and career readiness