Final Exam Information

Final exams week dates are available on the University's Academic Calendars.

Your Campus Registrar's office notifies students via email when Final Exam Schedules are available in LionPATH.

Student final exam schedules can be reviewed within your LionPATH Student Center to determine where and when your final exams will be held. For the Greater Allegheny Campus, please go to Student Center > Academics tab > My Schedules > My Exam Schedule then select the appropriate term and preferred display method.

As students review their Final Exam schedule, keep in mind an exam conflict exists if a student is scheduled to take more than one exam in the same exam time period.  An exam overload conflict occurs when three or more final exams are scheduled on any one calendar day or in three consecutive examination periods. 
If students believe they have a final exam conflict or overload, they are asked to work directly with the instructors for a solution.

If inclement weather or other circumstances cause the closing of the Greater Allegheny campus during the final exam period, students will be notified by the faculty and the Academic Affairs office of an exam rescheduling date and time.