Ready to Graduate?

It's never too early to begin thinking about graduation. We want you to avoid the last-minute disappointment of discovering that you have not met all of your graduation requirements. Here are a few reminders to assist in your final preparation:

Please follow the following important steps when you are ready to graduate:

  1. Review your Academic Requirements Report in LionPATH to confirm you will complete all degree requirements by the end of the semester in which you plan to graduate.
    1. Go to the Degree Planning & Progress tab, then click on My Academic Requirements
    2. If you need assistance in interpreting your Academic Requirements report, check out the tutorial
  2. If you are completing a concurrent major, minor, and/or certificate, please confirm they are listed on your student record BEFORE you apply to graduate.
    1. Go to the Academic Records tab, then review the information under Academic Background-Plans & Subplans
    2. If you need to add or remove a major, minor, or certificate, go to Update Academics to submit any change
  3. Any Transfer Credits must be received, evaluated, and posted to your record before the graduation deadline. Please refer to the Transfer Credit Tool as well as consult with your adviser to confirm the transfer credits will complete degree requirements.
  4. Meet with your adviser or program coordinator to confirm you have met ALL DEGREE REQUIREMENTS!
  5. Apply for Graduation in your LionPATH Student Center
    1. Refer to the Academic Calendar to view the Intent to Graduate – Activation Period
    2. Go to the Degree Planning & Progress tab, then click on Apply for Graduation
    3. If you need assistance, check out the Applying for Graduation tutorial
    4. Confirmation of your Graduation status can also be found under the Degree Planning & Progress tab
    5. If you receive an error message which states you are not eligible to graduate, please contact your campus Registrar
  6. Review your account. Any unpaid charges may delay receipt of your diploma and/or official transcript.