Students holding large check

Gearing up for the 14th Annual All That’s Jazz Scholarship Benefit

The 14th annual All That’s Jazz Scholarship benefit has received a grant from the Penn State Bookstores. 

The Bookstores, managed by Barnes and Noble, has awarded its second round of grants to support a range of programs and initiatives across the University.  The Bookstores launched the new grant program through a five-year, $1.25 million commitment to the University. Of this total, $425,000 will support the Faculty/Staff Forum, the Four Diamonds Fund, and the Library Enrichment Fund, and the remaining $825,000 will be awarded through the grant program.

The goals of the grant program are to have a significant impact on student and faculty life through relatively small, targeted investments at Penn State campuses across the Commonwealth in addition to University Park.

The program received nearly 30 funding requests from a range of units for the second round of grants. All That’s Jazz was one of ten initiatives to receive funding this round.

“We are pleased to support Penn State Greater Allegheny's efforts to provide scholarships through its Future Fund,” said Stephen J. Falke, Regional Director, Penn State Bookstores.

Laura King, Director of Campus Development at Greater Allegheny, was pleased to accept the grant.  “All That’s Jazz is in its 14th year of raising money to provide scholarships for students in need.  This money helps students pay for their tuition, books, and supplies needed to complete their education.  Many students wouldn’t be able to afford college without the support of the generous sponsors of All That’s Jazz, including Penn State Bookstores.”