Greater Allegheny travels to the 1920s with 'All That’s Jazz'

Students reveal donation total at this year’s All That’s Jazz scholarship benefit on October 14th.
Credit: Penn State

MCKEESPORT, Pa. — Soaring saxophones, bubbling champagne and enormous generosity filled the room as Penn State Greater Allegheny hosted the 14th annual "All That’s Jazz" scholarship event on Oct. 14.

"All That’s Jazz" has become one of the most anticipated, entertaining and celebrated events of the year, raising more than 1 million dollars since its inception to benefit students and student scholarships. This year captivated guests with The Gatsby Gala and all the lavishness and wonderment of the 1920s, all while raising nearly $180,000 for the student scholarship fund.

Auction tables lined halls with autographed sports jerseys, tickets, wine and relaxing spa treatments, all up for bidding. Students presented a reverse auction, allowing donors to pledge $2,000 to $25 for textbooks. Nearly $12,000 was raised and dedicated to the student textbook fund.

Students like David Lengel, a sophomore from North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, rely on the generosity and openhandedness of others. Lengel explained, “Scholarships enable me to pay for classes, which I hope to use to make a difference in the world.” He was accepted into Penn State’s Schreyer Honors College, for students with academic distinction and achievement.

Lengel is a member of the Lion Ambassadors and has volunteered extensively, rehabbing a school for children with disabilities. He stated, “I’m afraid that without scholarships I would not have been able to make the connections and relationships that are allowing me to grow here at Penn State.”

Faculty, students and honored guests embodied the "Roaring Twenties," dressed to the nines as they decadently dined while enjoying the big band sounds of Benny Benack III and the Benny Benack Big Band. Jazz emanated from the speakers while guests filled the dance floor all in support of this incredible cause. 

A large majority of the Penn State Greater Allegheny students receive scholarships and "All That’s Jazz" continues to be an essential part of the scholarship program. These programs help ensure that students can reach their full potential and help those students believe in themselves as others are believing in them.