Campus Directory - Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Eric Akyea, Ph.D. [email protected]
Part-time Teaching Professor, Chemistry
Ostermayer Lab, 306A 412-675-9140
Jason Alexander, Ph.D. [email protected]
Part-Time Teaching Professor of Kinesiology
Fitness Center 412-675-9140
Tiana Ambrose [email protected] Frable, 201K 412-675-9140
Young Han Bae, Ph.D. [email protected]
Associate Professor of Marketing, Business
Frable Building, 201A, Business Faculty Suite 412-675-9055
Alina Bodea Crisan, Ph.D. [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Biobehavioral Health
Ostermayer Lab Building, 304 412-675-9146 or 412-675-9140
Jennifer L. Breese, D.Sc. [email protected]
Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Cybersecurity, Program Coordinator of Cybersecurity Operations and Analytics, Information Sciences and Technology
Frable Building, 201Q 412-675-9045
Samantha Calderone [email protected]
Part-time Lecturer in Nutrition
Frable, 201K 412-675-9140
Bernie Cerasaro, M.B.A. [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Business
Frable Building , 210D 412-675-9165
Krishnamoorthy Chandrasekhar, Ph.D. [email protected]
Part Time Teaching Professor, Physics
Frable Building , 201 412-675-9140
Douglas M. Charles, Ph.D. [email protected]
Professor, History
Executive Committee Member , Teaching International
Main Building, 109D 412-675-9167
Jennifer Croyle, Psy.D. [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor, Psychology
Main Building, 104D 412-675-9136
Lawrence Dupak [email protected] Frable Building, 214F 412-675-9482
Jacqueline Edmondson [email protected]
Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer, Chancellor's Office
Professor of Education
Frable Building, 117 412-675-9080
Zack Furness, PhD [email protected]
Associate Professor, Communications
Main Building , 106B 412-675-9153
Donald Garwood, J.D., M.Ed [email protected]
Part-Time Lecturer, Biology
Frable Building, 201K 412-675-9052
Deborah Gaydos, MA [email protected]
Lecturer, Mathematics
Frable Building, 201E 412-675-9156
Michelle Gordon, D.Sc. [email protected]
Professor of Business Administration, Business Program Coordinator, Business
Frable Building , 210B 412-675-9496
Galen Grimes, M. S. [email protected] Frable Building, 213E 412-675-9479
Marijke Hecht, Ph.D. [email protected] Frable Building, 201C 412-675-9455
Kenneth Henrie, Ph.D. [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor of Marketing, Business
Frable Building, 201J 412-675-9086